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About the company

SPb recruitment Agency "Staffka" offers an effective recruiting in the following industries:

- scientific and technical personnel,
- engineering and technical experts,
qualified production personnel,
- sales professionals (sales managers) managers sales managers work with clients,
- employees of the departments of advertising, marketing and PR,
top managers.

We value the opinions of our customers and strictly comply with all the specified requirements of the customer.

In addition to recruitment, we offer you to use the service recruiting support companies.

All invited us professionals, regardless of qualifications and experience, pass an interview with the Agency staff. The recruiting Agency "Staffka" will not send to its customers candidates no report on the results of the interview.

Payment services company is 10% - 15% of the annual income of the candidate. To basic pay may be added to the factors, taking into account the level of required candidate urgency of hiring and market demand for specialists of this profile.

The full calculation for the selection is made within 5 working days after the specialist work. The warranty period starts from the date of work commencement.

The standard warranty period equal to the period of the probationary period, the candidate, regardless of its duration.
During the warranty period, we replace in the event of termination by specialist employment contract for reasons beyond the control of the company-employer. Large periods the warranty period is discussed individually.
Detailed description of the safeguards prescribed in the contract and may include additional items suggested by You.

The requisition (download, doc)

An example of calculating the cost of services of the Agency.

The beginning of cooperation

Search selection is made after the conclusion of the cooperation agreement between recruitment company "Staffka" and your Company.

All payments are made by Bank transfer, the details are attached to the contract recruitment.

To conclude the contract or to discuss any questions you can contact us - tel.- 956-84-11, +7-921-956-77-84, phone/Fax 712-52-38 from 9-30 till 18-30 on weekdays.

The effectiveness of the recruitment Agency is composed of several factors: the speed of the search and the quality of the search, we try to combine them in an optimal way.

Additional services:
- creation of the image of the employer,
- executive search (headhunting),
- training and training for sales and advertising departments.

The specialists of the St. Petersburg recruiting Agency “Staffka" allow You to optimize the time and cost of recruiting due to the high qualifications and experience.

To place an order on recruiting in St. Petersburg phone: (812) 956-84-11, +7-921-956-77-84 (mob), phone/Fax 712-52-38, by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by sending a request directly from the site: send request

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